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Affordable Makeup We Are Loving

We are always trying new makeup products. Somethings like eye shadow we’ll change and many products are tried and true and we’ve used for years!! We will spend money on beauty products but we definitely like to save our money while still getting amazing products.

One brand we absolutely love is e.l.f. Cosmetics. How are their products so great and prices even better?! We’re not sure but we take full advantage of it. Seriously it’s amazing when you can buy tons of products to try and not break the bank. “Look good and feel good—all our formulas are 100% vegan, no animal testing and made without the nasty bad-for-you stuff. Totally guilt-free.” Binks and I have so much of their makeup because we love them.

Let’s start with coverage makeup

*BB has olive skin color and therefore has dark undereye circles.  The Lancome peach is a new products she’s trying and is amazed how well it works!*After applying the peach concealer you need to add a regular color concealer.  I found this Benefit Boiing concealer.  It’s really thick so I actually add a little lotion to it.  Both of these products will last a long time because you only use a tiny bit.
*Both BB and Binks use e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation.  It’s a great product and only $6.  I’m not sure how it’s so affordable for such a great product!
*BB uses Bare Mineral Rescue Stick when she needs fuller coverage or has blemishes.  

*Binks does not have dark circles like BB so she finds this e.l.f. concealer to be her favorite.*Binks also swears by this e.l.f. eye putty.  You put it on to hold your shadow in place.
*BB and Binks both love Bare Minerals Powder.  We’ve used it for many years.  In fact in the summer BB often skips all foundations and just uses this loose powder.  It has SPF 15 and really light weight.
*BB tried this Monochromatic Multi Stick.  I use it for my blush and a lip color.  This was a new concept for me but I really really like it.  It stays on longer lasting.

Let’s Get To The Eyes

*e.l.f. Cosmetics matte shadow and brow palette is an awesome neutral palette.
*Beauty Glazed Eye Shadow Palette Sissy got this from my niece and I’ve taken to using it.  I absolutely love the quality.  The shadows really hold up.
*Lash Domination Eye Liner is BB’s favorite liquid eyeliner.  It goes on smoothly and stays in place!
*Our NUMBER ONE seller is Essence Princess Mascara.  Only $4.99 and seriously the mascara we’ve ever used!!

Ever Evolving

Binks is ALWAYS trying new products and we’ll continue to share them with you. We have different skin colors and types, therefore reaching more people with our different styles. What are your favorite beauty products.

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  1. I have tried elf before and like it. I hear great things about Bare Minerals, that will be one I try next time I buy makeup.

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