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30 Days of Yoga. By Binks

Day 1

Power flow. A new studio opened up less than a mile from my home. It’s woman owned and very welcoming. This class was the only thing that got me to leave my house all day. It was amazing. 60 minutes

Day 2

Today was a sleet storm and too dangerous to drive so I used my Glo app to take a class on strengthening the hips. Healthy hips are essential for posture and mobility. Still in my pjs I enjoyed this class on the middle of my living room surrounded by the gentle sounds of rain and a cat that wanted to get in on the action. 30 minutes

Day 3

Another day of rain. I decided to try a core and abs pilates with a mindfulness bend with my Glo app. I may also take a hot Hatha class tonight but that will depend o. The weather. My arms were tight from yesterday’s workout at first but they loosened up. I have a hard time with meditation and for the first 30 minutes my kind was distracted thinking about the blog and the fact that I’ve been alone in my house for two days due to the weather. I’m ok being alone. I like being alone. About minute 20 I asked Alexa to play The Orb. The trancelike music helped me get out of my own head and I found myself better able to focus. I was feeling mildly anxious a or the end of the class medication but once we were there, I found myself ok with it. The meditation was simple, mindful. No vision exercises or hudu doo doo. Just siting. 60 minutes

Day 4 A double yoga day

Today was snowy and slushy. What that has to do with yoga, I’m not sure. Something about the tie in with the practice and the weather just seems right. I took a power yoga class that kicked my butt. I was so happy when I overheard others saying it was a butt kicker on the way out. So validating. It’s surreal going into yoga with daylight and leaving with evening light. My new studio YogaSix has been a welcoming community. I think I’ll like it.

Second session at 12:30ish when I couldn’t fall asleep. Some yin yoga and meditation trying to hypnotize myself to the sleep world.

Day 5 New Year’s Eve.

No yoga classes after 11:30 so worked on my inversion bench and hung out upside down for awhile.

Day 6

I had the feeling that sleep would not be my friend tonight so I practice a nighttime unwind flow. I’m hoping this calms my body and mind so I can fade into sleep.

Day 7

Ok, I’ll admit it. I didn’t dedicate time to yoga other than a couple of short headstands. A close friend’s brother recently passed away unexpectedly and tonight was the celebration of life. It’s was a beautiful event and my friend’s brother was honored and people shared stories about him. What struck me is the things they talked about were the simple things, nature, fishing, being a good friend, brother and uncle and being a kind and lovable guy. These are the important things in a person’s life.

Day 8 12,000 steps and neck and shoulder openers. This course was meant to counteract the effects of a day at the office. We tend to hunch over tighten up with stress or repetitive work. A great course to take before bed when your neck and shoulders feel tight.

Day 9

Yoga 101. I don’t usually attend morning yoga not being a morning person. Today I went to the morning class and it was great. Definitely felt it more then later classes. Thanks YogaSix.

Day 10.

Slow Flow. After two days of skipping yoga I really had to drag myself to the studio. The class was great and I got out of my slump and felt so much more energized the entire day.

Day 11

Hatha. I had a terrible migraine and backache. I used my Glo app to search for a class specially designed for upper back relief. I took half the hour long class then alternately rested on an ice pack and a heated pad. I also read that peppermint oil can help. I put three drops on my tongue and it did relieve some of the pain. Peppermint is great for headaches also.

Day 12

Power Yoga. I was so excited to introduce my good friend Anne to my new neighborhood studio. She lives near me and this is so convenient for both of us. Not only that but going with a friend holds each of us accountable and is more fun.

Day 13

Power yoga. Today I entered class feeling great. To my surprise this work out was super challenging. I was lightheaded and my balance was off. About halfway through the class I stepped out of the room so I wouldn’t pass out on my mat. I took some time to breathe, cool down and collect myself. That accomplished, I went back in and finished class with renewed strength. I was happy with the outcome and my body’s ability to keep on going to the end.

Day 14

Today I’m blogging BEFORE class. Anne and I are headed to the 12 pm power flow. I’m feeling good, got a great night sleep, for once, and am excited to hit the mat! Follow up: class was amazing. HOT yoga. Going in woth a positive mindset definitely set a good tone.

Day 15

Hot yoga. It’s Martin Lither King Jr. day. A day to honor those who paved the way for equality. We have a long way to go but let’s celebrate how far we’ve come.

Day 16

Power yoga with Anne. Going to yoga with a friend makes it an outing rather than just a workout. It’s also holds is accountable for showing up!!

Day 17

Planned to go to yoga but my plans got foiled with a furnace repair. Oh well. No yoga today.

Day 18

Noon hot yoga. It’s was a wonderful class. I love the luxury of midday yoga. It definitely makes the day.

Day 19

Sunday yoga. I like to take a hot hatha, yin, or restorative yoga class on Sundays to reset for the week ahead. Today was a 75 minute restorative class.

Day 20

It’s was very tempting to skip power yoga today driving home from Anoka after a work meeting and a very busy day. Part of me was hoping traffic would be bad and I wouldn’t make it in time for class. When I got close and knew I could make it, I opened my app and booked the class. I am certain if I didn’t book the class I would bale out. Needless to say, class was great. I have never regretting making time for myself and yoga.

Day 21 Double Yoga

Saturday morning slow flow. Love that my new studio is 5 minutes from my house. I was there and back before my son woke up. After a long day, I spend about 90 minutes stretching and listening to relaxing music in a dark room then proceeded to sleep like a baby.

Day 22

After work power yoga. Straight from work, no stop at home. After a 2 day break, it was good to get back into the studio.

Day 23

Evening power yoga. It’s torture that the studio is next to a Chinese food place but so far I’ve avoided entering!

Day 24

Friday night yoga. I love me some Friday night yoga. Whether I’m planning a night in or out, starting off the weekend with a hot yoga class is a great break from work to the weekend.

Day 25 Double yoga

Today I took a hot 60 minute class followed by a 75 minute restorative class. I was so relaxed at the beginning of restorative, I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during shavasana.

Day 25

Power yoga after a week off. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel in this class and turns out it was a doozy. I did not feel great during class BUT, finished it with just 2 small breaks. Again, I’ve never regretted attending class, even when it kicks my BUTT! I recently watched a documentary on homelessness. One thing really stuck me. They said a major reason some remain homeless for so long is the quote from Newton’s first law of motion, “A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays in rest.” It’s incredibly hard to people to pull out of the depression and patterns of homelessness. NOT THE SAME THING, but for me, the more active I am and the more I do, the more I can do. Sitting around for too long, makes it so much harder, almost insurmountable (almost) to get on up and participate. I want to be the body in motion. Not the body in rest. And I have the privilege to do that for myself. I want to honor that privilege.

Day 26

Power yoga. Did I mention power yoga is also HOT yoga. I love hot yoga-the heat loosens joints and muscles and instantly calms my mind. All the sweat, releasing the toxins can create a mild euphoria that is an added bonus.

Day 27

Peaceful relaxation. I don’t like to meditate but I do take time to relax mindfully. Sitting still in silence is hard for me so I combine stretching with my mindful relaxation. This can be done anywhere, a quiet room, in my office at work while taking a short break, while waiting for a flight at the airport, walking slowly…for a minute, 5 minutes, an hour. Whatever time you have, whatever time you need. Today was on my couch at dusk, the sun setting over me and spilling toward my face as I thought of nothing, absolutely nothing.

Day 28

Yoga flow.

Day 29

Headstand practice.

Day 30

HOT yoga. Again, my favorite type of yoga. I always feel so great leaving the studio after these classes.

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