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Last Minute Add-Ons (15 awesome products that will arrive before Christmas)

Add on #1-We’re all looking for safer ways to drive. My old car had a navigation system but my new one doesn’t. I love this device that is a magnet car mount so you can see your phone to remain handsfree! ($20)

Add on #2-I really enjoyed this book! I think it’s a perfect add-on. I listened on Audible and got to listen to Matthew’s voice the whole time…it was pleasant!

Add-on #3-These pajama pants have super good ratings and come in many colors! And…they are only $12

Add-on #4-Binks and I are super fans of Love Your Melon hats! Plus 50% of proceeds go to fight pediatric cancer!

Add-on #5-I’ve shared these barrettes so many times because I love them so much!

Add-on #6-My oldest has really taken to lighting candles. I saw this Candle Lighter Electric Arc Coil. It’s a flameless lighter. I’m thinking this might be a really good gift!

Add-on #7-I must say this charging station is like my favorite new purchase. It’s amazing!!!

Add-on #8-I post these amazing paint pens because they are by far the most used craft supplies we’ve used this year!

Add-on #9-I got this adorable Key Ring Bracelet for Binks on her birthday and she LOVED it!!

Add-on #10-Have you thought you should get Blue Light Blocking Glasses? These have amazing reviews and come in tons of colors. I really would like some but I wear my regular glasses all the time. Not sure how that would work haha. Only $16.99 and have a 10% off coupon right now.

Add-on #11-Last year we did white elephant and I got this awesome pillow cover. Guess what? All the teenagers in the family wanted it haha.

Add-on #12-These are enticing and would make a great gift! Set of 2 Double Wall Insulated Freezer Chilling Tumbler with Gel, Glasses for Red and White Wine.

Add-on #13-I bought these for the boys and they are the softest pajama pants ever! They love them!

Add-on #14-These are my very favorite bath bombs! They are the…bomb haha

Add-on #15-This is the best mascara ever! If you haven’t tried it you seriously should. Only $5

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